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Make a 1 Way Window
By Waldo

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The goal of this tutorial is to make a glass window (unbreakable for now) where the players can see through it from one side, but not from the other. It's "tricky" how it works, but not impossible to do. Here's how.
First Step
Make the general opening where your one way glass will be. Here is how I've done it in Hammer...

1way_step_1 - CLICK TO ENLARGE
(click to enlarge)

Creating the "one way" glass
Next, make a very thin brush, and texture it on ONE side with the {BLUE texture, and the OTHER side with a glass texture. Here are the two views in Hammer...

1way_step_2 - CLICK TO ENLARGE
(click to enlarge)

1way_step_3 - CLICK TO ENLARGE
(click to enlarge)

Setting entity properties for the glass
OK, now you're probably wondering what we are going to do with that brush that's blue on one side, and glass on the other side. Well, we are going to make it a func_wall and then we are going to set it to use Render Mode of solid and FX Amount of 255. What will this give us? Well, it's' the same rendering you'd set up for a railing, ladder, or fence. Anything blue is invisible. So what we end up having is a brush that is "clear" on one side (the blue side) and "not clear" on the other side!

For more information on this, check out Mr Deth's Creating Transparent and Opaque Objects tutorial for more general information on this method.

OK, we are done?
You could stop right now, but it would not look good. Why? Well, you would have the glass you can't see through on one side, and a completely transparent (as in, you see nothing) window on the other. That wouldn't look right at all. So what do we do? Easy. Just put a faint brush over the blue side that looks like glass. You'll see it on the "see through" side and it will give the illusion of glass.

OK, here's a picture in Hammer where I've created the new brush...

1way_step_4 - CLICK TO ENLARGE
(click to enlarge)

Now, we need to do a "toEntity" on this brush, and make it a func_wall. Then, set it's Render Mode to Additive and it's FX Amount to 150. This will give you a relatively dense piece of glass, which will fit well with the "look" of a 1 way glass.

How does it look?
Here are two pictures of the map...

(click to enlarge)

I_no_see_you - CLICK TO ENLARGE
(click to enlarge)

I also made an animated GIF image "movie" for of this level. It's big (about 500K), so don't download it unless you're on a good connection. You can  view it here .

Downloading the map
I've Zip'ed up the RMF, Map, and BSP file for you to try out. You can You can  download it here .

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