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Making Your First Bomb Defusion Map With Hammer AKA Hammer
By Guy_Montag  Last changed Jan 17 2003

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Making Your First Bomb Defusion Map With Hammer AKA Hammer

by Guy Montag

Welcome to "Making Your First Bomb Defusion Map With Hammer AKA Hammer" by your all around favorite CS handyman, me, Guy Montag. This tutorial assumes that you know how to make a basic counter-strike map (perhaps even having the luck to have learned from my very own basic map tutorial) and posses some basic skill with Hammer. In other words, you can get something to compile on your own.

Now, down to business.

First, the basics. What sets a bomb map aside from all of the other map types is one simple thing. There is a brush with a func_bomb_target tied to it. Sounds simple eh? Well, it is. Let me show you how.

First, you start out with your basic map - in this case the infamous cube map, containing no more than the bare necessities - two player spawns (T and CT), a buyzone, and a light.

Now all we need is the bombzone. Just make another brush like you did for the buyzone, then highlight it and right click on it. Select 'tie to entity' from the menu.

Now you want to tie it to 'func_bomb_target'.

Now... How does the player find the bomb target? The brush is invisible in the game, so we need to mark the spot in some way. In this case, we'll use the standard bombsite decal as an example, and you can go from there yourself afterwards. So now what you need to do is use the entity tool to create a new entity - infodecal. Click SmartEdit off, and type in your entity properties to make the window look like this:

Now you need to align the info decal in the exact center of the floor vertically. It will look like this in the 2D (x/z) side view:

Now when you compile your map, it should look something like this:

Congratulations! You have a defusion map! In case you want to look at the map in Hammer, here's a copy of it in .rmf format: If you need help, you can always check the FAQ on my website.

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