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Using RESGEN to make a .RES file for your map
By Waldo  Last changed Mar 21 2001

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What is a RES file?
A RES file is a simple text file that contains a list of all the resources that your map uses. Resources are things like sounds, wads (texture files), sprites, models, etc. Here is an example of one, from de_prodigy...

// de_prodigy.res - created with RESGen v1.00
// RESGen is made by Jeroen "ShadowLord" Bogers
// URL:
// Res creation date, GMT timezone (dd-mm-yyyy): 21-03-2001

// .res entries:

So what good does it do?
Well, the RES file does two things for you:

  1. It gives you a list of all the "things" a person will need to play your map. So, for example, seeing this list, our good friend Hobbit (the mapper of Prodigy), knows that he needs to make sure prodigy.wad is included. The other files are all standard issue with Counter-Strike and Half-Life, so there's no reason to send them. But if Hobbit's sound industrial4.wav was custom, he'd want to include that too.
  2. If you put the RES file in the server's maps folder, along with the BSP file, then the server will automatically download any of these resources to players who join, but do not have the specific resources. So, if our good friend Boeufblaster didn't have the "industrial4.wav" sound, it would automatically be downloaded to him. Very cool, eh?

    So cool! Where do I get it??
    You can get the RESGEN utility from

    But like, do I really need it?
    Not really. But it definitely will help you as a mapper to be sure you include all the necessary files with your map, and potentially help players who haven't downloaded all the right pieces.

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