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Creating Keen Arches
By Outkast  Last changed Mar 31 2001

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Hammer, known around probably the moust well-rounded and popular map editor seen. Users can create such enviroments using basic tools. But one question still comes to mind: to create great-looking and efficient arches. Arches look great in maps, if u know how to make them.

I'm going to start by saying that the 'carve' tool is not the best thing to use for carving arches. It creats too many invalid brushes and many other pitfalls like faces not being matched up. Things could get ugly.

*Before moving on I'm guessing that you already have configured WC and have read the manual and know the basics.

OK, lets start by opening up World Craft and creating cylinder brush with 14 sides. Make sure that the cylinder is symetrical because we're going to be clipping this baby in half.

Select the Cylinder, , and now select the Clip Tool .

Figure 1

Clip the cylinder brush in half horizontally. Press Enter to preform the clip. Ur brush should look something like this now after the clip.

Figure 2

Now we're ready to start the arch making process. they cylinder we just clipped were' going to use as a guide. its very handy because it gives us a reference point of where to join our vertices. You'll get it later in the tutorial :).

Now lets start the first brush degree. size ur brush so that it makes it easier to vertex manipulate it. **Note in this pic I've already made a 'post' next to the cylinder. Imagine it as a Pillar Next to an arch in a museum.

Figure 3

Now select the brush you JUST made and lets take it into vertex manipulation mode by hitting the vertex manipulation tool .

Figure 4

Now select the bottom right vertice.

Figure 5

Now comes the Key to this tutorial. te manipulating. be careful when manipulating everything. Zoners see the slightest manipulation error. and BAM ur back in wc fixing it :). ok drag (or nudge) the vertice up to meet the first vertice of the cylinder.

Figure 6

Congratulations! You just made ur first degree of arch. Now comes the easy part. But I dont recommend it. You can 1) Copy and paste the brush u just manipulated and tweak it so that it fits the next degree of arch on ur cylinder or 2) Make a new brush and manipulate it urself. The first choice is fine to a degree. copy and pasting can cause errors in the brush ur pasting such as vertices slightly off and such. But all is well the way you do it.

Now that u have repeated the first few manipulating steps, u should have something that looks like this:

Figure 7

Great job so far. Now you need to do some cleaning up. Heres a first, gt rid of the half-cylinder guide!! lol, we dont need it anymore so select it and hit that nice shiny key we like to call DELETE :^).

Figure 8

Now were' going to be doing some sly vertex aliging. so what were' going to do is use the Magnify Tool ( its under the selection tool) and Zoom in 1.00. Now if you weren't in this view and in .50 when you were making the arch degree brushes, then you probably misaligned some vertices.

Figure 9

To Fix? oh so simple. just selext the brush wit some vertice misalignment, and nudge or drag the vertices so the match up. EASY! When ur done u should have some clean vertice alignment. *deep exhale* makes me proud to be a mapper :^).

Figure 10

Thats it folks! your done. Great job scout you've made a great arch. Im proud, Now get to mapping. We wanna see those killer arches! Go go go!

(click to enlarge)

Figure 11

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